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New Homebuyers or New Real Estate Investors

First off, I want to commend you for taking the plunge of home-ownership or buying your first investment property. Second, I would like to speak about some of the sites online that give “tips” for these particular points of interest. They’re many people posting tips, tricks, and get rich quick schemes that will undoubtedly get you in trouble with the law or cost you money.

Most of these people call themselves

“Pros” or “Investors”.

Do some research before you let them sell you something. This goes for any home-buyer, but is probably geared more for new investors. A bad investment can run you and your credit into the ground if it goes south, in fact even an average investment in poor market condition can be detrimental to your future success. Yes, I’ve made mistakes in my own investing believe me, I’m not saying you won’t. In fact if you would like to learn from my mistakes, call me, I would love to share.

Just do your home work ahead of time, yes this is a great time to buy, but not every foreclosure, or condemned property is a steal of a deal. Be sure to ask yourself and your real estate agent, why hasn’t anyone else bought this. It may have been overlooked, overpriced, who knows, or it may just be a waste of time. Just do some research before you accept it as a deal. We very well could be in this market for many years to come, I wouldn’t expect this to get better very soon.

This is a great market to invest in, just educate yourself about what your doing, go in eyes wide open!

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