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Lancaster County Pa Real Estate Market Update as of today from Local Realtor

Lancaster Pa Housing Market Update

Lancaster Pa Housing Market Update

Good Monday Morning!

Well, we experienced a tornado warning here in Lancaster County Pa yesterday. We received notice from a local news station that if you’re in the Lititz, Mt. Joy, or Manheim area to seek shelter, which caused some madness, as we’re not use to hearing that from our weatherman, it’s never dull!

The real estate market is beginning to flash and jump with hope around here in Lancaster County Pa. The number of homes for sale is declining significantly and has been for a while now. There are all of a sudden many more people out there looking seriously at Lancaster County, Pa real estate and homes. Since the general public is beginning to realize that if you’re a first time home-buyer and are not taking advantage of the $8000.00 government credit available, you’ve got something backwards. Buyers have been crawling out of the woodwork to take a look at recent market updates, and calls in on properties have been up!

I don’t  know if we have hit bottom yet, keep your fingers crossed! Time will tell I’m sure, even history shows that we never know if we hit until we’re on the upswing, which is also historically is fast and furious, I can’t wait! In the mean time if all of this buyer interest continues to increase, we should be feeling an upswing before we can even prepare for it! Those who hesitate now, will pay for missing out.

Have a great week and get ready!

Alex Reedy