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Insurance Policy Lancaster County

I still run into the occasional person who doesn’t believe in homeowners insurance. If they’re buying cash I can’t make them get insurance, but I do my best to. I’m not an insurance salesman, far from it. I just know the importance of having homeowners insurance. What if a tree falls on the home, what about a flood, landslide, lightening, wind, hail, and liablity for others? Homeowners insurance covers so many problems, it’s a no brainer. Not to mention, the cost compared to the cost of a lawsuit or the rebuild of the part of your home that tree collapsed, compared to the few hundred dollars a year for a homeowners policy are pretty far apart.

When buying a home, you don’t have to do a lot of things, one thing you should have to do is buy a simple homeowners policy. The cost is nominal compared to the “what if” factor. So next time you think about buying in Lancaster County, think Alex Reedy for your realtor, call him for a good insurance recommendation Good luck!