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I’m not going to help you lose weight, but I would love to sell your home

How to smile while selling your home-

1. Call me before you do any improvements, I can give you an idea if you are spending more than the return you’ll get back. So next time you’re thinking of remodeling, call me for Lancaster Pa real estate. If it’s not Lancaster Pa real estate, call me anyway, I know many realtors in other states and would be happy to connect you with them if they are near you.

2. When pricing a home, in this market, don’t use comparable sales from a year ago, I would probably stay under six months, if not under three months. Our market is to up and down to go back that far to compare prices to list your home for.

3. Use a realtor to sell your home, and use a good one who can justify why paying them a higher commission will net you MORE money. I guarantee, a discount broker will not have nearly the advertising that a full service company will have ask them to prove it!

4. Over pricing a home can be and most the time will be extremely fatal to achieving a sale in this market.

5. In this housing market, it is not the time to “test the waters” or go fishing for a higher price

6. Last, if an agent can’t negotiate a good commission for himself or herself and they’re own family, how good of a job will they do for you and YOUR family, think about that one…

Alexander Reedy