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Willow Bend Farms, Custom Built

Willow Bend Farms Custom Built, Metzler Home Builders, Brand New end of row townhome. 2×6 walls, superior walled basement, ready to finish, maintence free! Contact Alex Reedy, Kris Lundquist, or the Shreiner Group today for details

Real Estate Therapy In Lancaster Pa

With all of the doom and gloom floating around out there right now, how about a little Real Estate Therapy in Lancaster Pa? Tired of that same old siding, tired old roof, or hearing those creaky old pipes, and lets not forget that old furnace that cuts out when needed most.

Real Estate Therapy in Lancaster Pa is your solution. Lancaster has countless new developments. ┬áTo name one in particular, Willow Bend Farms a Metzler Built Development. You can rest assure that when you buy one of these homes, quality will not be sacrificed with a name like Metzler. That’s just one example, there are too many other developments to list. If you would like to share what you’re looking for, I can send you a list of homes or new developments that would meet the lifestyle you live or would like to live.

If you’re tired of your home and just want a fresh one, call me. We’ll have it on the market within a few day and we can begin looking for your next in the mean time. Alex Reedy, The Shreiner Group, and Prudential Homesale Services Group have what it takes to keep up with even the busiest of people. We will accommodate however needed. How’s that for Real Estate Therapy?

Alex Reedy