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Selling Your Manufactured (Mobile) Home

Selling Your Manufactured (Mobile) Home

Looking to sell your mobile home? You might be tempted to try selling it yourself, without an agent, but selling a mobile home requires more than just sticking a For Sale sign in the yard.

Selling by Owner

In many ways, selling a mobile home (often called a manufactured home) is similar to selling a traditional affixed home. Buyers look for homes that are clean, well maintained and priced correctly. Many buyers in the market for a manufactured home look to websites like (Mobile Homes by Owner) or For Sale by Owner sites such as these list facts about the home such as the list price, year built, and square footage. What these websites lack, however, is the ability to attract the perfect buyer for your home – something only an experienced agent can do for you. A good agent will have broad knowledge of the market, as well as an extensive network of local buyers and other real estate contacts. Anyone can peruse photos on a website, but an agent can get serious buyers in the door.


Just like in a traditional home sale, marketing is everything when selling your mobile home. How will you get the word out? Because visual appeal is often the first thing buyers look for, take clear photos of the most attractive features of your home. Use media and the internet to your advantage – post your photos and some details about your home on social media sites like Facebook, or put a video tour of your mobile home on YouTube. Also, take out an ad in your local paper to let people in your community know that you are selling and when you will be holding an open house. Have full-color fliers printed with all of the information about your home, and place them in a high-traffic area during your open house.

Don’t forget to consider your target audience. Is your home in a retirement community? If so, internet and social media marketing might miss the buyers that would be interested in your home. A real estate agent can determine who will be most interested in your property and take the steps needed to reach these buyers.

Legal Considerations

While selling a mobile home may sometimes require less paperwork than in a traditional home sale, a seller will still have to draw up legal documents that can be complicated and confusing. If you have never generated a sales contract or closing documents, you may have no idea what exactly should be included. You will need to hire an attorney to look over your documents and ensure that they are fair and legal. In most states, a qualified real estate agent can draw up these documents for you and explain their contents.

Financing a mobile home purchase can be tricky, as many banks won’t finance a loan for a manufactured home unless land is included in the sale. Mobile home parks lease the land to the homeowner, so specify in the sale documents what steps are needed to transfer the lease to the new owner. If your mobile home park provides amenities such as a pool, fitness center or clubhouse, you must disclose any dues that the buyer may be responsible for.

Selling your home is one of the most strenuous (but ultimately rewarding!) things you can do. Don’t go it alone! Call me at 717-286-9607, and I’ll be happy to advise you on your next steps.


Expired Listing? How to sell your Home FASTER

Expired Listing? How to Sell Your Home Faster

Selling a home is an emotional process. You love your home and know its value, so how could it go so long without a sale? Or in some cases, without even an offer? The first step is to take the emotion out of the equation and look at the four factors that determine if and when a home sells.

If the supply of homes increases without a corresponding increase in demand, the time your home stays on market will increase.

The more competition your home has, the harder you have to work to attract the right buyer. This is the situation that so many sellers have faced in the past few years as the housing market has fallen off. This is unfortunately beyond the control of any individual seller. Things are looking up, though—with interest rates at historic lows and more buyers entering the market, selling a home is no longer as daunting as it was just one year ago.

If you increase the price, the time on market will increase. If you decrease it, the time on market will decrease.

No explanation needed here—a lower price will attract more buyers. This is not to say that you should give your home away or leave the transaction feeling cheated. Work with your agent, look at comps (listing or sale prices of similar homes in the neighborhood), and arrive at an appropriate number. Your agent is really your best resource here, because he is not as emotionally invested in the home as you are. An agent should be able to objectively and fairly price your home so that it will appeal to the right buyer in a reasonable amount of time.

If the quality of your home increases, the time on market will decrease.

Cosmetic upgrades like a fresh coat of paint, a crisply made bed, or a well-kept lawn will get buyers in the door, and your home’s fabulous features (and reasonable price!) will get them to the closing table.

If the quality of marketing increases, the time on market will decrease.

This last point is really key, because the quality of marketing is dependent upon the work of the agent. Choosing an agent who understands how to appropriately present your home to the right buyer will get your home sold. If your listing has expired despite being priced well and attractively maintained, look to your agent’s work. How has he marketed the listing? Does he have the necessary networking ability to get the word out about your home? If the agent has worked hard to get your home sold, consider sticking with him—he’s as much at the mercy of the market as you are. However, if you find your agent’s efforts lacking, consider choosing a new agent who can inject a fresh perspective (and a new list of contacts!) into the situation. Ask how the agent plans to market your listing and why he thinks that he will succeed in selling your home.

Finally, don’t get discouraged—help is out there! I am a Lancaster native with extensive local knowledge that has proven invaluable to many sellers faced with expired listings. For professional real estate services you can depend on, please call me @ 717-286-9607.

Who is Alex Reedy?

I’ve been helping people buy and sell real estate as a licensed realtor with The Shreiner Group at Prudential Homesale Services Group. If you or someone you know in or around Lancaster County, is thinking of buying or selling a home or a piece of real estate, it would mean a great deal if you could give me a call directly @ 717-538-3910. I’ve got an extensive personal history in residential and commercial construction.

I bring that knowledge to the table when my clients are looking to buy or sell any piece of property with me. I’ve personally bought and sold several homes, and most of the homes I’ve bought and sold, needed ground up rehabilitations.

Our company has over 91 years combined real estate experience. If you get a minute, check out my website’s featured homes to see firsthand what we have available.

Thank you for your help!

Alex Reedy



Home for Sale $169,900 Lampeter-Strasburg Pa

For $169,900 in Lampeter Strasburg, on almost half an acre! At 831sqft above grade and 400 below this home in Lampeter Strasburg Pa is a great buy at $169,900, it offers a 1+ car garage, two bedrooms, and two baths. Located in West Lampeter. It has great wood floors, a built in corner cabinet, ceramic tile floors, central air, oil heat, and low taxes. If you would like to see this home today, give me a call at 717-286-9607 for a private appointment. Call or email for the full listing! Or click here to link to google map of 195 Millwood Rd Lancaster Pa

195 Millwood Rd Back of House with Cistern Lampeter Strasburg1+ Car Garage Lampeter Strasburg

195 Millwood Rd Back of House with Cistern Lampeter Strasburg1+ Car Garage Lampeter Strasburg

195 Millwood Rd Lampeter Strasburg

195 Millwood Rd Lampeter Strasburg

Ceramic Tile Kitchen Lampeter Strasburg

Ceramic Tile Kitchen Lampeter Strasburg

195 Millwood Rd Lampeter Strasburg Pa

195 Millwood Rd Lampeter Strasburg Pa195 Millwood Rd Lampeter Strasburg PaRemodeled Bathroom Lampeter Strasburg Remodeled Bathroom Lampeter Strasburg HomeLarge Back Yard Lampeter Strasburg