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Just Wondering?

I was just wondering – particularly now, with prices down and mortgage rates low – whether you’ve considered purchasing real estate as an investment? This current market provides some great opportunities that will help you to build equity in both the short and long term.

There are many factors to take into account, so ideally we should speak in person if you consider doing this. That said, please bear in mind that my comprehensive buyer services will help you through each stage of the real estate investment process.

In any event, please keep this in mind as a possibility. Or if you hear that any family, friends or colleagues might be interested in real estate as an investment, please have them call or email me any time. Also, If you’d like me to send you regular “Best Investment Buys” lists, just let me know.

Alex Reedy

Real Estate update, Lancaster County Pa

Showing activity has increased and properties going pending are increasing. It’s believed to be the tax credit is motivating people to push forward before this ends. As of today I have heard nothing leading us to believe that this credit will extend. People have asked what will values and activity do after these credits on the table end (if they do). People have asked will values sustain or will they decrease with less demand? My answer, I’m not sure. There will always be a need to buy and sell real estate, people relocate, get fired, get hired, death and not to forget family’s increase and decrease in size every day. Real Estate will undoubtedly come back, but probably not until after a few more years of decreasing values and bumps along the way. They’re already talks of more waves of foreclosures, which will only lesson already uneasy values.

On a positive note, this will provide great opportunities to invest in real estate. Invest in a home or an income producing property right here in Lancaster County. I have no doubt there will be some great deals on real estate yet to come.


Who is Alex Reedy?

I’ve been helping people buy and sell real estate as a licensed realtor with The Shreiner Group at Prudential Homesale Services Group. If you or someone you know in or around Lancaster County, is thinking of buying or selling a home or a piece of real estate, it would mean a great deal if you could give me a call directly @ 717-538-3910. I’ve got an extensive personal history in residential and commercial construction.

I bring that knowledge to the table when my clients are looking to buy or sell any piece of property with me. I’ve personally bought and sold several homes, and most of the homes I’ve bought and sold, needed ground up rehabilitations.

Our company has over 91 years combined real estate experience. If you get a minute, check out my website’s featured homes to see firsthand what we have available.

Thank you for your help!

Alex Reedy



How to Price a home in this market

I get the question a lot, how should we price our home in this market? Well this might be bitter tasting medicine, but this is not the time to price your home at a price that you could be fishing for someone in a different pond. I’m won’t tell you what to do when we price your home, but I will tell you what I think.

“People looking for  a size twelve don’t look in the size 8 shoe rack”

Price your home competitively, if your home has 10 similar competitors on the market, you should at least be in the top three if you would like to sell your home in a reasonable amount of time. When things really get under way in a few weeks, you don’t want to be left on the shore when the boat leaves.

This spring should be a great market, I’ve been running like crazy getting people ready to buy and sell in the coming months. Probably about double the amount I had this time last year. I’m confident this spring will start with a bang in our real estate market.

Investor Niche Lancaster Pa

I focus a lot of my time on the needs of my real estate investors in Lancaster Pennsylvania. There is a lot of talk about how many great deals are out there, foreclosures, repo’s, you’ve heard it all! Let me let you in on something. I have found a lot of great deals this year, in fact most of our offers, end up in competing offer situations on most of the properties on the open market. If you are looking for a property to flip, rent out, or buy and hold consider this before you sign.

I believe we’ll be in this market for several years to come. Yes we’re doing good right now, but in my opinion we all need to bear in mind what could still be around the corner market wise. By all means buy in this market if you’re an investor, just make sure it’s really worth it. Make sure it’s such a good deal that there’s no way you can let it pass you by. If it’s that great, is it worth getting financially stressed or strapped? What I mean is, if your other income streams tank, is this great property going to be a burden or a blessing? Will this new property, carry you to the other side of your tunnel you could have to crawl through or will it be one more thing dragging you backwards?

I know this is negative, but coming from someone who has personally been drug backwards in this market, it’s pretty engraved in my memory. Last year was a tough year for us all, me included. We all got hit between the eyes with the market from you know where and it flat out stunk. Some agents and investors didn’t financially make it to the other side. There is way to much opportunity right now, to mess with an “ok” investment.

I’m not trying to discourage anyone from this market, you can make some great money right now, it’s all about the buy, and man are there great buys right now! Just make sure you realize what you’re committing to before you buy.

Caveat Emptor buyers

Attorney for all legal questions, Jeffrey D Mohler

Builder/contractor for questions on work need for a property, Brookline Builders