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Willow Bend Farms Town Home

This is a video of a townhome built in Willow Bend Farms that is still for sale. For more details contact Alex Reedy, Kris Lundquist or the Shreiner Group

Willow Bend Farms, Lancaster County Custom Home Metzler Built Development

Real Estate update, Lancaster County Pa

Showing activity has increased and properties going pending are increasing. It’s believed to be the tax credit is motivating people to push forward before this ends. As of today I have heard nothing leading us to believe that this credit will extend. People have asked what will values and activity do after these credits on the table end (if they do). People have asked will values sustain or will they decrease with less demand? My answer, I’m not sure. There will always be a need to buy and sell real estate, people relocate, get fired, get hired, death and not to forget family’s increase and decrease in size every day. Real Estate will undoubtedly come back, but probably not until after a few more years of decreasing values and bumps along the way. They’re already talks of more waves of foreclosures, which will only lesson already uneasy values.

On a positive note, this will provide great opportunities to invest in real estate. Invest in a home or an income producing property right here in Lancaster County. I have no doubt there will be some great deals on real estate yet to come.


Apartment Buildings and Complexes Lancaster Pa

Do you own or know someone who owns Apartment Buildings, or Apartment Complexes in Lancaster Pa?  I’ve got buyers for your Apartment Complexes. Big or small, tall or short, ugly or fancy, cheap or expensive. I’m working with real estate investors that will look at almost anything. You can always feel free to call me confidentially with any property(s) you have available. Apartment Buildings and Complexes in Lancaster Pa


Mold in Home, Lancaster Pa

Do you have mold in your home, do you live in Lancaster Pa? Do you experience breathing problems, and believe it’s due to mold in your home? Lancaster Pa does have certain types of molds in some homes for many reasons. I would recommend Puroclean Property Restortation to remove any and all molds. For remediation tips, read this mold remediation article. Or if you have a water leak of some sort, precautionary steps need to be taken to insure mold(s) will not grow in your home. Mold in your Lancaster Pa home can have effects on your health.

If a mold problem is proving to be too much for you to handle and would like to find out a way to sell it quickly. Sell it quickly to someone who can deal with the Mold in the home, contact me for help.


I’m not a mold expert, I just sell homes. Although, I do have investors that will buy your Lancaster County Pa home even with Mold in the home.

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