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High Speed Train Lancaster – Philadelphia – Pittsburgh

A high-speed rail line will be installed between Lancaster and Philadelphia and eventually extended to Pittsburgh. This should increase the amount of people willing to commute further distances in Lancaster Pa. I’ve very hopeful about this for our real estate market, it should provide a good influx of new and potential buyers ready and able to buy in Lancaster Pa. Check out the article below. This is a good thing!

Lancaster Online High Speed Train Article

It’s easy to buy a Home in Lancaster

Here are a few key steps and thoughts to finding the right home.

  • Call Alex Reedy 717-538-3910
  • Get Pre-approved from a local bank- I recommend finding out your max number allowed to borrow. Then once you know, work backwards from that to suit your budget, be conservative. Be sure to ask about utility costs, taxes and insurance.
  • Identify your needs, schools, kids, sidewalks, homeowners associations, maintenance free, old home, new home, etc. Think long about this, how long will you stay there, are you very active, do you travel, do you have the TIME?
  • Make an offer

Is that easy enough?

Read my next blog of how to make an offer!


Parade of Homes

Last year was an interesting year for new construction, with a down market and low demand, those of us in new developments all felt it. Although we have felt increased traffic and sales in our new developments, it’s still a mystery of what the future holds. It’ll be interesting to see what the builders in Lancaster Pa build this year and how extravagant or not they’ll be.  Or who may not build at all, let’s face it, some of the competition will not be in the running this year, or in business. I always look forward to the parade of homes, just to see what everyone is involved in and of course to get a glimpse of a few homes. The other factor that will change the pace of this years Parade, is the new building code. To my knowledge it’s not passed yet, but could increase overall costs and raise the standard for new builds in Pa. We have already been notifed that with the changes about to occur, costs will be rising for any new inventory.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, thanks for reading! 717-538-3910


Expect the unexpected in Real Estate

When buying, selling, owning, or renting Real Estate in Lancaster County Pa or anywhere for that matter. Expect the unexpected in Real Estate, If you’re not, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.  When buying homes that are older, examine and/or test the utilities going from the street to the home. Without digging up everything there is really no way to know what’s really going on under there. If you feel there maybe an issue because the home has, a wet basement, really green patches in the yard, water leaching through a wall or maybe an odor or dampness. Right then and there you should consider getting an specific inspection on the problem area. Although there really is no way to fully know if there’s an issue, you can have certain tests performed to take precaution against potential future expenses.

Sometimes even the best test cannot protect you against the unknown, so sometimes you just have to take the plunge. Just know this, if you have a question or a concern you can always call me if you don’t already have a realtor in Lancaster Pa. Take a look at the pictures below. A property of mine in Lancaster City I recently had to have the sewer line dug up out front due to a leak, I just thought I’d share.

Leaky Sewer Pike needs to come out

Leaky Sewer Pipe needs to come out, Lancaster City, Pa

Dig Lancaster City Pa
Dig Lancaster City Pa


Swine Flu Real Estate

Don’t ask me where I came up with that title. There are some real toxic assets still and will be more in Lancaster Pa. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve got a healthy market but we do have some “Swine Flu Real Estate”. It’s scattered through out Lancaster Pa, you have to search for it, but it’s out there.

Now obviously I’m kidding about the swine flu part, but seriously there are some good deals to be had right now. I’ve seen a few instances of people really jumping on board and taking advantage of them, but I really expected more people to come out of the woodwork. Not just for me either, I think I can say that for most of my fellow Realtors. With this first time buyer credit ending shortly, I think we all expected a little more from you bargain shoppers. There is still time to get that credit, in fact most quality lenders should be able to close a deal in 30 days. So come people, get out there and take advantage of this market. This is a bargain hunters dream!

So call your realtor today and have them search for your very own piece of property. Make sure you have all details covered up front to make sure you can settle in time for that $8000.00.

Caveat Emptor

Lancaster Pa Real Estate Tips and Tricks

Well unfortunatly, I’ll probably be letting you down here with what I have to say next. There aren’t really any tricks to making money in Lancaster Pa’s Real Estate Market.  I can offer you a couple tips to making money in Lancaster Pa’s Real Estate Market.  First off, get the thought out of your head that real estate is a get rich quick scheme! You can make some real short term gains in Lancaster Pa’s Real Estate Market. Although for true long term wealth, establishing a constant cashflow is required to build wealth.

Tip 1. Build Long Term Cashflow

Taxes are a killer in real estate, avoiding having to pay taxes is key in real estate. Now, I don’t mean to commit a crime. I mean to take advantage of tax avoiding strategies such as 1031 Exchanges, seller mortgages and more.

Tip 2. Avoid taxes like the plague, (legally)

I’m a realtor in Lancaster Pa’s Real Estate Market, I eat sleep and breathe real estate. I look forward to speaking with you about any real estate anywhere. For your real estate needs, think Alex Reedy.

Tip 3. If you read this far, you should come visit my site again.

Lancaster County Pa Real Estate Listings

You’ve probably seen this title plastered all over the web, Lancaster County Pa Real Estate listings here!. The fact is, they’re literally hundreds of websites in Lancaster County Pa to visit and view Lancaster County Pa Real Estate Listings. The truth of the matter is that there are hundreds of Lancaster County Real Estate Websites that only show some of the real picture. My site shows all of the Lancaster County Pa Real Estate Listings, any Lancaster County company/realtor.  Go back to my home page  and click the listings tab. If you register you’ll have access to a comprehensive directory of all Lancaster County Pa Real Estate Listings. Please take advantage of my site for your own research. Feel secure that none of your information will be shared, with anyone. I look forward to speaking with you directly. Until then good luck with your Lancaster County Pa Real Estate Listing.

Alex Reedy, Homes For Sale Lancaster County Pennsylvania

For all the homes for sale in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, contact Alex Reedy. For someone who isn’t quite ready to speak to a real estate agent, visit Alex’s website, Alex Reedy’s Website displays all of the listings for sale in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. For your free no strings attached search of homes in Lancaster Pennsylvania, visit

Homeowner’s Insurance recommendation Lancaster County

I wanted to add something to my last post, I would recommend Jennifer Strickler with Homesale Insurance.  She has helped many of my clients with their insurance needs. As an agent I know my clients are in good hands with Jennifer Strickler with Homesale Insurance.

Insurance Policy Lancaster County

I still run into the occasional person who doesn’t believe in homeowners insurance. If they’re buying cash I can’t make them get insurance, but I do my best to. I’m not an insurance salesman, far from it. I just know the importance of having homeowners insurance. What if a tree falls on the home, what about a flood, landslide, lightening, wind, hail, and liablity for others? Homeowners insurance covers so many problems, it’s a no brainer. Not to mention, the cost compared to the cost of a lawsuit or the rebuild of the part of your home that tree collapsed, compared to the few hundred dollars a year for a homeowners policy are pretty far apart.

When buying a home, you don’t have to do a lot of things, one thing you should have to do is buy a simple homeowners policy. The cost is nominal compared to the “what if” factor. So next time you think about buying in Lancaster County, think Alex Reedy for your realtor, call him for a good insurance recommendation Good luck!