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For Sale By Owner

Well it’s time, you’ve decided it’s time to sell. You’ve already been to home depot and bought a sign for the front yard, FOR SALE BY OWNER. That’s fine, but do you know what will keep you legal, safe, and successful in selling? Here are a few tips to sell your home on your own in Lancaster County Pa.

  1. Sellers Disclosure- Fill this out completely and honestly, it could come back to haunt you
  2. Lead based paint addendum-For homes built prior to 1976, this is a must have.
  3. Qualify your callers who want to see the home, don’t be a pop-tart seller, don’t jump for everything that moves or calls.
  4. When someone does make an offer, be sure to fill out the dates correctly. Misplacing or not filling out  these dates can cause some real heartache and trouble.
  5. Consider what the buyer needs to do to be able to buy your home. Do they need to sell first, do they have the money ready, are they pre-qualified, have they been employed long enough, who is their lender, and why are they buying?
These may seem elementary, but they will keep you somewhat on track.  This is the tip of the iceberg, there is a lot more detail to think of, if you would like a full picture of what to expect, call me. 717-538-3910
I love to talk real estate
Alex Reedy

Cut the Clutter – Lancaster City Homes

Cut the clutter! Nothing is worse when I show a home and you have to step over “stuff”. Do what ever it takes to de-clutter your home before you put it on the market. We’re all human, and asides from a few of us most have clutter. They’re organizers upon organizers sold everywhere, use them. Organizers for basements, garages, closets, and every other room of the house. So if you have doubts about your clutter, you should probably find something to do with it. Something else that helps to sell/show a home, remove personal photos. People like to envision they’re stuff in the home. As tough as it may be, put away some of those photos. Maybe your entire home is dedicated to nascar or sports, take that stuff down too. As strange as it may sound, not everyone wants to see it:)

Check out these cut the clutter videos-

Low cost Lancaster City Home Renovations

If you plan on renovating with the goal of increasing you homes value or saleability in mind, read this. Focus on the bathroom and kitchen. Great kitchens and bathrooms will sell a home. Think about it, most spend their time in a kitchen when entertaining.To do a good job, doesn’t mean you have to invest a fortune. Learn how to do the work yourself.

  • They’re are tons of free classes around on how to tile floors, install counter tops, how to install plumbing fixtures and much more.
  • Next time you think about renovating don’t automatically assume someone else has to do it for you.

I’ve got a lot of experience with this, getting started this was all I could afford. Which actually worked out in my favor, most realtors can’t give the perspective I can because of my education and experience in construction. Check out these videos below, good luck!

*Always talk to a realtor about your homes value before you make a large investment to improve it.