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Investor Niche Lancaster Pa

I focus a lot of my time on the needs of my real estate investors in Lancaster Pennsylvania. There is a lot of talk about how many great deals are out there, foreclosures, repo’s, you’ve heard it all! Let me let you in on something. I have found a lot of great deals this year, in fact most of our offers, end up in competing offer situations on most of the properties on the open market. If you are looking for a property to flip, rent out, or buy and hold consider this before you sign.

I believe we’ll be in this market for several years to come. Yes we’re doing good right now, but in my opinion we all need to bear in mind what could still be around the corner market wise. By all means buy in this market if you’re an investor, just make sure it’s really worth it. Make sure it’s such a good deal that there’s no way you can let it pass you by. If it’s that great, is it worth getting financially stressed or strapped? What I mean is, if your other income streams tank, is this great property going to be a burden or a blessing? Will this new property, carry you to the other side of your tunnel you could have to crawl through or will it be one more thing dragging you backwards?

I know this is negative, but coming from someone who has personally been drug backwards in this market, it’s pretty engraved in my memory. Last year was a tough year for us all, me included. We all got hit between the eyes with the market from you know where and it flat out stunk. Some agents and investors didn’t financially make it to the other side. There is way to much opportunity right now, to mess with an “ok” investment.

I’m not trying to discourage anyone from this market, you can make some great money right now, it’s all about the buy, and man are there great buys right now! Just make sure you realize what you’re committing to before you buy.

Caveat Emptor buyers

Attorney for all legal questions, Jeffrey D Mohler

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Property Insurance Availability Contingency Lancaster Pennsylvania

On a Pennsylvania real estate contract for the purchase of residential real estate, on line 145 is a Property insurance availability contingency. If you decide to elect this box, you have fifteen(15) days to identify acceptable homeowners insurance for your desired property. If with in fifteen(15) days you cannot find acceptable property insurance available for said property, you must notify the seller in writing that you will not be moving forward in said contract. Every situation is different, if you have questions, contact your realtor or for legal questions contact your attorney.  I recommend Jeffrey D. Mohler for Real Estate law in Lancaster Pennsylvania.

Jeffrey D. Mohler Real Estate Attorney Lancaster Pa

Jeffrey D. Mohler, Real Estate Attorney in Lancaster Pa is the right choice for Lancaster Pa real estate law questions or concerns. Are you experiencing landlord tenant problems, real estate legal issues, bankruptcy, foreclosure, wills, estate sales, or any other legal issue. Real Estate settlements in particular, Jeffrey D. Mohler and his legal team will get the job done. For your lawyer/attorney needs in Lancaster Pa think Jeffrey D. Mohler.  717-291-6800