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Just Wondering?

I was just wondering – particularly now, with prices down and mortgage rates low – whether you’ve considered purchasing real estate as an investment? This current market provides some great opportunities that will help you to build equity in both the short and long term.

There are many factors to take into account, so ideally we should speak in person if you consider doing this. That said, please bear in mind that my comprehensive buyer services will help you through each stage of the real estate investment process.

In any event, please keep this in mind as a possibility. Or if you hear that any family, friends or colleagues might be interested in real estate as an investment, please have them call or email me any time. Also, If you’d like me to send you regular “Best Investment Buys” lists, just let me know.

Alex Reedy

Summer is almost gone!

With the long hot summer nearing the final corner, the signs of fall will soon begin to show. We in the real estate industry are gearing up for a busy season.

Historically, our marketing efforts produce substantially more serious buyers during the fall, more than any other time. In the fall, sellers have less competition from those who just “List to See if their house sells.” Also, buyers are more serious about buying during this time of year because they want to be settled before the holidays.

Please think it over and if you would like to take advantage of the current season of real estate, please give me a call-717-538-3910


For Sale By Owner

Well it’s time, you’ve decided it’s time to sell. You’ve already been to home depot and bought a sign for the front yard, FOR SALE BY OWNER. That’s fine, but do you know what will keep you legal, safe, and successful in selling? Here are a few tips to sell your home on your own in Lancaster County Pa.

  1. Sellers Disclosure- Fill this out completely and honestly, it could come back to haunt you
  2. Lead based paint addendum-For homes built prior to 1976, this is a must have.
  3. Qualify your callers who want to see the home, don’t be a pop-tart seller, don’t jump for everything that moves or calls.
  4. When someone does make an offer, be sure to fill out the dates correctly. Misplacing or not filling out  these dates can cause some real heartache and trouble.
  5. Consider what the buyer needs to do to be able to buy your home. Do they need to sell first, do they have the money ready, are they pre-qualified, have they been employed long enough, who is their lender, and why are they buying?
These may seem elementary, but they will keep you somewhat on track.  This is the tip of the iceberg, there is a lot more detail to think of, if you would like a full picture of what to expect, call me. 717-538-3910
I love to talk real estate
Alex Reedy

How to Price a home in this market

I get the question a lot, how should we price our home in this market? Well this might be bitter tasting medicine, but this is not the time to price your home at a price that you could be fishing for someone in a different pond. I’m won’t tell you what to do when we price your home, but I will tell you what I think.

“People looking for  a size twelve don’t look in the size 8 shoe rack”

Price your home competitively, if your home has 10 similar competitors on the market, you should at least be in the top three if you would like to sell your home in a reasonable amount of time. When things really get under way in a few weeks, you don’t want to be left on the shore when the boat leaves.

This spring should be a great market, I’ve been running like crazy getting people ready to buy and sell in the coming months. Probably about double the amount I had this time last year. I’m confident this spring will start with a bang in our real estate market.

Parade Homes Lancaster Pa

Get ready, Lancaster Pa’s Parade of Homes is coming up next week. If your in Lancaster Pa from June 13 to June 21 of 2009 check it out. If you’re unaware of what this is, it’s basically the yearly Olympics for local builders. Check out Lancaster Pa’s Parade of Homes. Email me for details,