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What to expect when applying for a mortgage

Thinking about buying a home, here are 13 items you should expect to bring with you to your appointment with your banker.
1.W-2 Forms-most recent 2years

2.Paystubs-most recent 30 days

3.Self Employed-most recent 2 years complete tax returns personal & business

4.Bank Accounts-most recent 3-months statements (all pages even if one is blank)

5.401k and Brokerage accounts-most 3 months statements (all pages)

6.Landlord name, address, and phone # if you rent

7.DD214 & Certificate of Eligability (Va only)

8.Sales agreement for old and new properties (if applicable)

9.Construction agreement, plans, specs, (if construction or rehab)

10.Contract for home being sold (if applicable)

11.Application Fee (If applicable)

12.Check for Credit and appraisal fee (if applicable)

Who is Alex Reedy?

I’ve been helping people buy and sell real estate as a licensed realtor with The Shreiner Group at Prudential Homesale Services Group. If you or someone you know in or around Lancaster County, is thinking of buying or selling a home or a piece of real estate, it would mean a great deal if you could give me a call directly @ 717-538-3910. I’ve got an extensive personal history in residential and commercial construction.

I bring that knowledge to the table when my clients are looking to buy or sell any piece of property with me. I’ve personally bought and sold several homes, and most of the homes I’ve bought and sold, needed ground up rehabilitations.

Our company has over 91 years combined real estate experience. If you get a minute, check out my website’s featured homes to see firsthand what we have available.

Thank you for your help!

Alex Reedy