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Selling a Home Over Holidays

Selling a Home During the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us once again! That means hanging the lights, trimming the tree . . . or does it? If you’re selling your home over the holidays, you might have to adjust your usual holiday routine to appeal to a wider audience during your open houses.

Christmas Tree

Nothing symbolizes the holiday season like a Christmas tree. For some families, the bigger the tree, the better. If you’re selling your home over the holidays, however, a smaller, tastefully decorated tree is a better bet. A general rule of thumb when staging a home is to put away personal touches, like family photos or children’s crafts, that might prevent a buyer from picturing himself in the home. The same applies to the tree; rather than using personalized ornaments and family heirlooms, use bows, beads, dried flowers, or strings of cranberries and popcorn to beautify your tree. Put any wrapped gifts out of sight until Christmas morning.


Outdoor lights can add a subtle glow to your home during the holidays. Too many lights, however, can make for a garish display that will discourage buyers before they even get in the door. If it’s just not Christmas for your family without bundling up and stringing lights in the eaves, opt for small white lights that accent the outlines of your home. Avoid colored lights, “icicle” lights, or twinkling lights.

In general, steer clear of using lawn decorations or window stickers. You do not want buyers to remember your home as the one with the giant blow-up Santa or the blinking red Rudolph window statue! A small wreath on the door or in the front window is appropriate and inviting.


How else can you add holiday flair to your home without going overboard? If you have a fireplace, keep it lit during your open house. Set the table as you would for a holiday feast — it will help buyers to imagine themselves entertaining in the space. If at all possible, avoid using religious decorations in order to appeal to a wider audience. Instead, use more general seasonal decorations like pine boughs or dried pomegranates.

Selling a home over the holiday season can be a challenge. I can help with staging, photos, marketing, or anything else you may need. Call Alex Reedy at 717-286-9607, and give yourself the gift of a sold home!

Mold in a Lancaster County basement

Mold Growth in Lancaster County home basement after Lee. The ground is so saturated right now from all of the rain we’ve received, mold is a has been a growing issue.

Willow Bend Farms, Lancaster County Custom Home Metzler Built Development

Unique Home Features – Lancaster City

Unique Features in a home can make a difference. Dress up that nook or cut out in the hallway, maybe turn it in to a built in desk or another closet with some additional organizers or shelves. Create something that makes sense and most of all is functional. Something anyone could make sense of, check out some of these videos to get some ideas. Create something that will make someone who views your home remember it by. Make it unique, practical, and functional.

It’s easy to buy a Home in Lancaster

Here are a few key steps and thoughts to finding the right home.

  • Call Alex Reedy 717-538-3910
  • Get Pre-approved from a local bank- I recommend finding out your max number allowed to borrow. Then once you know, work backwards from that to suit your budget, be conservative. Be sure to ask about utility costs, taxes and insurance.
  • Identify your needs, schools, kids, sidewalks, homeowners associations, maintenance free, old home, new home, etc. Think long about this, how long will you stay there, are you very active, do you travel, do you have the TIME?
  • Make an offer

Is that easy enough?

Read my next blog of how to make an offer!


Parade of Homes

Last year was an interesting year for new construction, with a down market and low demand, those of us in new developments all felt it. Although we have felt increased traffic and sales in our new developments, it’s still a mystery of what the future holds. It’ll be interesting to see what the builders in Lancaster Pa build this year and how extravagant or not they’ll be.  Or who may not build at all, let’s face it, some of the competition will not be in the running this year, or in business. I always look forward to the parade of homes, just to see what everyone is involved in and of course to get a glimpse of a few homes. The other factor that will change the pace of this years Parade, is the new building code. To my knowledge it’s not passed yet, but could increase overall costs and raise the standard for new builds in Pa. We have already been notifed that with the changes about to occur, costs will be rising for any new inventory.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, thanks for reading! 717-538-3910


Investor Niche Lancaster Pa

I focus a lot of my time on the needs of my real estate investors in Lancaster Pennsylvania. There is a lot of talk about how many great deals are out there, foreclosures, repo’s, you’ve heard it all! Let me let you in on something. I have found a lot of great deals this year, in fact most of our offers, end up in competing offer situations on most of the properties on the open market. If you are looking for a property to flip, rent out, or buy and hold consider this before you sign.

I believe we’ll be in this market for several years to come. Yes we’re doing good right now, but in my opinion we all need to bear in mind what could still be around the corner market wise. By all means buy in this market if you’re an investor, just make sure it’s really worth it. Make sure it’s such a good deal that there’s no way you can let it pass you by. If it’s that great, is it worth getting financially stressed or strapped? What I mean is, if your other income streams tank, is this great property going to be a burden or a blessing? Will this new property, carry you to the other side of your tunnel you could have to crawl through or will it be one more thing dragging you backwards?

I know this is negative, but coming from someone who has personally been drug backwards in this market, it’s pretty engraved in my memory. Last year was a tough year for us all, me included. We all got hit between the eyes with the market from you know where and it flat out stunk. Some agents and investors didn’t financially make it to the other side. There is way to much opportunity right now, to mess with an “ok” investment.

I’m not trying to discourage anyone from this market, you can make some great money right now, it’s all about the buy, and man are there great buys right now! Just make sure you realize what you’re committing to before you buy.

Caveat Emptor buyers

Attorney for all legal questions, Jeffrey D Mohler

Builder/contractor for questions on work need for a property, Brookline Builders


Builder’s Parade of Homes, Lancaster Pennsylvania

The Lancaster County Builder’s Parade of Homes this year really was a successful week. Amidst a difficult economic environment, the Builder’s Parade of Homes, Lancaster Pennsylvania in my mind was a success. The community was selling, Willow Bend Farm’s, got a ton of interest and traffic from that week. I look forward to the next Parade of Homes, in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Last but not least, I’m always amazed at the people that show up year after year to Metzler’s communities, just to see what Dan and Janet Metzler have done. I think that says a lot about Metzler Home Builder’s reputation and standing within our community.


Lancaster County Pa Real Estate Listings

Prudential Homesale Services Group

Alex Reedy, is a realtor associated with Prudential Homesale Services Group in Lancaster Pennsylvania. Prudential Homesale Services Group in Lancaster Pennsylvania dominates the market on many levels in homes for sale and overall real estate sales. Prudential Homesale Services Group, holds a large market share of Lancaster Pennsylvania’s overall real estate sales.

For your relocation or real estate needs, call Alex Reedy with Prudential Homesale Services Group.

How about a free link to the Lancaster Open House Site

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