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Year Round Gardening

I can’t really put my finger on why I’m writing about this on my real estate blog but, I’ve seen a lot of cold boxes and wintertime gardening lately and it’s really got my interest up. I’ve never been interested in gardening before but the idea of growing food year-round has really caught my attention. I guess I’m writing this on here to maybe grab the attention of people who do have suggestions on ways to get started . I’m really just looking for a hobby for something to do with my kids that’s productive. The other thing that’s interested me is aquaponics. If you know of any in Lancaster County – I would be interested to seeing it. Maybe it’s the whole homesteading thing that’s got me interested the idea of producing enough food from your own property without owning a large farm. We own some Lancaster City properties, which are an urban environment where you don’t necessarily have a large amount of space. I’d really like to maximize the space we already have maybe as a community out reach..who knows!?. I think this is going to be more popular in the future with growing cost of land and resources natural resources dwindling, please don’t hesitate to e-mail or call or 717-538-3910 with any suggestions or places in Lancaster County or city that may be of interest.