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New Year Market Outlook – Lancaster County Pa – Alex Reedy

Well it has been a wonderful year of real estate. We got off to a rocky start, got blitzed by a crazy spring market that lasted though the fall. Then come middle of November, the phones started to slow down, yes the holiday season was/is in full effect. I’m currently snowed in, in our Lancaster City row home and enjoying a view out the front windows of snow flakes and street lights with a glow of the hospital landing pad lights in the distance.

This coming January, 2010 I predict an early rush for housing. I believe we’re further along through this r——– than most would think. Every month of 2009 had steady and some months even dramatic gains and improvements. I’ve been told, no r——– has ever lasted more than 18-24 months. I don’t know the truth to this, frankly I haven’t taken the time to research it. I’m more concerned with improving my daily activities than planning on how long it will suffer!

I plan on a great start to the new year, I look forward to many new clients, business with past clients, and proving the cynics incorrect. We have great opportunities out there!


-Take this market by the horns and make it happen-


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