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Lebanon Apartment Complex Hunting

Well I checked out two 8 units properties/buildings this evening in Lebanon County/City. One had historic charm located in Lebanon City and really was interesting. The basement really had some history, next time I’m up that way I may even do some research about what the history of that property has been. It was priced reasonably well, but I think the maintenance is probably going to exceed what’s shown. Not that they’re lying, but the amount shown for last years maintenance really seemed low on a building pushing 100 years old. I know what our Lancaster city homes cost per year and they’re definitely not a 13,000sqft apartment building.

The second property was basically eight town homes in a package deal. It had a premium price, which I don’t think I’ll be able to justify. It sat on a little over an acre of property and had a lot of road frontage. It backed to a field that is current being farmed, I’m not sure if any development projects are in the works on that. With proper pricing, it could be an interesting investment.

All in all, my trip to Lebanon County to check out some real estate went well. In the next few weeks I wouldn’t mind visiting some other markets just to see what is available. Thanks again to the clients that accompanied me this evening, I look forward to working with you to achieve your goals. Not to forget, for only a 40 minute drive to Lebanon County/city from Lancaster County, that’s pretty reasonable for a prospective investment