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Lancaster County Top Five Reasons to buy a home before the tax credit ends

I could go on all day on why it’s a “good idea” to get this tax credit. Or why you should “buy your home sooner than later.” Don’t take my word for it, just read my five reasons. If you miss it, that’s on you!

  1. You can qualify for almost (in most cases for homes under $170,000) all of your closing costs to be covered. (For some of you who didn’t catch that, the government is paying for your home’s closing costs!)
  2. They’re some great deals at the moment in Lancaster County Pa. Whether you’re buying a mansion or a row home, you have some real bargaining power at the moment. We have a lot on the market, which means you are in a buyers market.
  3. When you buy a home, you stimulate the local economy, contractors, builders, painters, plumbers, grocery stores, gas stations, jobs and more. You are part of the recovery.
  4. You can work with me, I’ll walk you through everything. If you have a question, I’ll find the answer.
  5. Don’t make me think of five reasons, anyone of these is good enough!

Alex Reedy