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First Time Buyer + For sale by Owner – Local Realtor = Bumps

(First Time Buyer + For Sale by Owner – Local Realtor = Bumps)

This isn’t just a thought, this is something I’ve learned that has been tried and true for years. A first time home buyer and a for sale by owner equal disaster. When you have someone who is trying to save a buck selling a home on their own, and an inexperienced first time home buyer you can guarantee you will have bumps to say the least. When working in a complicated market like today’s, an experienced realtor by your side is absolutely critical to a successful transaction! Here are several reasons why,

  • For instance, who is going to maintain and manage the details of the transaction?
  • Who is going to verify that the sellers disclosure has been filled out properly, and honestly?
  • Who determines that the property is reasonably priced and isn’t going to tie up time and money while waiting for an appraisal only to find, it’s over priced?
  • Who will be setting up inspections Per the Pennsylvania State Real Estate Contract, and who will be making sure the time lines outlined within are being met so you’re protected?
  • Where do you go for settlement, and who will be coordinating it?
  • What bank are you working with, and have they gathered the proper information to issue a proper pre-approval?
  • If the first-time home buyer is going to claim the $8000 tax credit, is the transaction at enough of an arms-length to qualify that buyer, do they qualify based on the governments parameters of a first-time home buyer, and have they verified this with a tax professional?
  • Who will be holding the deposit money?
  • How do you know your not going to get scammed when you’re dealing with a seller looking out for their own interests. A licensed realtor is held to a high standard of ethics and laws you should be able to count on. Selling real estate feeds my family, why would I jeopardize that?
  • Does the home have a well and septic and are they working properly?
  • What do you have to loose working with a buyer’s agent that costs you nothing?

It would be my pleasure to work with you, if you’re not in my area I can find you a realtor though various real estate networks I’m involved in nationwide. Whether your in Lancaster County Pa, New York City, New Jersey, Long Island, Maine, or even Texas, I can help!

Alex Reedy