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Expired Home In Lancaster Pa…..Why?

Stay calm, if your home for sale in Lancaster Pa expired. We have several strategies to sell your home. Although I do understand it’s frustrating.

First thing, You’re not the only expired listing in Lancaster Pa.  There are many things to do make your home more saleable thing next time around.  If you’re interested, I have four key points to determine what you would like to do, for your own knowledge.

1. Communication- Did your agent keep you updated and aware of what showings and buyers had to say about the home. Did you keep your agent up to date in regards to changes to the home?

2. How is your home priced?

  • Unfortunately current market condition may not bring you what you have in to the home or what you feel it may be worth.
  • Tune into current market conditions via your realtor.


  • Ask your agent to be objective about the condition of your property
  • Got Stuff? Do you need to declutter, remove some of the pictures and personal items you have so the prospective buyer can imagine themselves in the home.

4. How is your home being presented to the market?

  • Marketing is key, even the best marketing won’t sell an overpriced or less than desirable home.
  • The best marketing coupled with the best price should sell your home

A huge amount of factors go in to the sale of a home, let me know if you would like me to anaylze your homes price or condition for TODAY’S market in our Lancaster Pa market. Visit the rest of my site

After we sell your expire listing, use this truck to move!

After we sell your expire listing, use this truck to move!