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A market turn around in sight… I’m not sure but it’s a great time to invest in Lancaster County Real Estate!

I’m not really sure if a market turn around is in sight. What I do know is interest rates are the lowest they’ve been in 50 some years. I’m learning the news does a good job of delivering the bad news. What would happen if they made some empty threat of an attempt to deliver the positive news about what our economy is experiencing? What these “hard times” have given birth to? New ideas, new room for businesses that are willing to do what it takes and compete. Who will be the ones that come out on top and why will they come out on top? What is the best plan of action to come out on top for people that don’t already own companies that are in line to be bailed out? Take Milton Hershey for example, he faced YEARS of hardship and failure until he built the company we know today, read about that here Click here

In the TV news defense I’ve heard some of the things I’ve just mentioned. Why not more, why not devoting time nightly as a time for encouragement, just a little positive reinforcement? What people are doing to help others.

Lancaster, Pa has a diverse job market, and a slow but stable real estate market and sustains better than most, yet we all experience this economic belt tightening in our daily travels, meetings, phone calls, bank statements, news and so on. Either way here we are, why not soak it up and learn what we can. No matter how big or bad, or how undeserving,everything has something positive to take home. This is a free education, this will make us all leaner and meaner if we let it. I feel like this is one of those years where we just got dropped in the deep end of the pool, and its the first time we’ve experienced water. Some of us will THINK its too overwhelming and drown, some will get cramps and TRY, and some WILL act and swim. Think of the values and lessons it’s going to instill in us, our family and our generations to come. Think of the opportunities this will give us or expose us to. I realize that things are not concrete or cookie cutter and everyone will experience this differently, the 75 year old ready to retire, will react much differently than the 24 year old aspiring to take on the world entrepreneur. I’m just trying to make light of what we’re all watching unfold around us.