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How to make your home saleable in today’s Lancaster County Pa Real estate market

About 1% is what I anticipate to get a return (response from potential buyers) on when I put out a marketing piece for your home or, for one of my buyers to locate a home that maybe isn’t for sale yet.  1% is kind of grim when you really think about it, 1 in 100 people.  I can’t imagine the struggle a home that’s for sale by owner experiences. When you think about it, the visibility of that home to the buyer’s market is limited to those who basically, trip over it. As a Lancaster, Pa realtor, I’ll put your home in several publications, internet sites, both local and national. I post it on doors, magazines, and I’ll put it on the MLS, otherwise known as a multi-list. Not once does it ever cross my mind that it’s a “good idea to market your home on your own.” As a Lancaster County, Pa realtor, you as a buyer/seller are probably sitting at your computer thinking, why would he even say that? When you let us help you sell/market your home, we commit to you maximum advertising, we are not a discount company. If you’re not seriously looking to sell your home, I can suggest some discount service realtor that would be a perfect match, it would be my pleasure.

We get your home in front of literally thousands and thousands of potential buyers. When you think about it, in this difficult buyers market, how many showings did you have before you sold your home? If a home is marketed, priced well, and in good condition or even poor condition, your homesale will be much more smooth with the help of myself, Alex Reedy, and the Shreiner Group @ Prudential Homesale Services Group, The Lancaster Pa Real Estate Specialists. Thanks for reading!

Why is your home still on the market?