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Bailouts, Handouts…Fair or Unfair?

This is not real estate related, although it’s very relevant to the government’s recent decision. Does anyone else think the bail out is fair? Or is it something we’re going to look back at and wonder why? I know many businesses that have struggled this year that probably equal the amount of people employed by the big three. I don’t want to see people needlessly suffer or face financial hardships.  I just find it hard to believe that if the big 3 offered jobs that paid 20 dollars an hour or 25 dollars an hour to non-union workers instead of the 70 some dollar an hour jobs, I cant help but think that we would have people flocking from all corners of the country flooding their gates for a job. Not to mention, with oil prices being below $2 a gallon, what is the motivation to create more efficient and earth conscious transportation. I know we have the obvious reason like pollution etc, but that hasn’t mattered to these companies in the past, whats the motivation? If things are as bad as they are, and everyone else has to cut back, why shouldn’t these unions be faced with the same decision? I’m not nearly educated enough on this subject to add something too insightful to the subject. I just couldn’t help but think that this would be on the minds of people. This blog was intended to be about Lancaster, Pa Real Estate, but I always end up adding something that doesn’t apply. I guess this is my new soapbox. Thanks for reading, let me know what your thoughts on the subject are…

Does anyone else feel this way?

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