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Home didn’t what?

Just a note to say I’m sorry your house didn’t sell. Please don’t be discouraged. I can analyze your home’s saleability and I am happy to report that if marketed correctly, your home can still be quickly sold for a good price.

However, if the sale is not handled expertly at this point, your property may become “stale”, and the price may have to be reduced to “below market” to effect a timely sale. Obviously, this is a situation to be avoided. Give me a call and I’ll explain the proven strategy I use to get “expired” listings quickly sold for top market value.

Please think about this seriously. If you list again, doesn’t it make sense to select an agent who knows how to “refresh” the marketing so that your home has all the appeal of a brand new listing?

Feel free to call me at your earliest convenience!

Alex 717-538-3910

Invest In Real Estate

Investing in real estate is all about due diligence and sound decision making. And you can only make the best decisions when you have the best information available, together with an experienced expert who can help you interpret it if necessary – particularly in a market like this one where there are so many great opportunities.

For years I’ve helped investors make the most informed decisions they can: decisions based on the market, financing, a property’s income potential, location and condition, its real price as distinct from its sale price, which “extras” to negotiate for and more. In addition, I do a lot of the legwork so my investor clients save time, money and energy.

So if this price-reduced market has turned your thoughts towards investing in real estate – whether it’s a single-family dwelling or a multi-unit property – please call or email me. All my work on your behalf won’t cost you anything.



Apartment Buildings and Complexes Lancaster Pa

Do you own or know someone who owns Apartment Buildings, or Apartment Complexes in Lancaster Pa?  I’ve got buyers for your Apartment Complexes. Big or small, tall or short, ugly or fancy, cheap or expensive. I’m working with real estate investors that will look at almost anything. You can always feel free to call me confidentially with any property(s) you have available. Apartment Buildings and Complexes in Lancaster Pa


Lancaster Pa Real Estate Tips and Tricks

Well unfortunatly, I’ll probably be letting you down here with what I have to say next. There aren’t really any tricks to making money in Lancaster Pa’s Real Estate Market.  I can offer you a couple tips to making money in Lancaster Pa’s Real Estate Market.  First off, get the thought out of your head that real estate is a get rich quick scheme! You can make some real short term gains in Lancaster Pa’s Real Estate Market. Although for true long term wealth, establishing a constant cashflow is required to build wealth.

Tip 1. Build Long Term Cashflow

Taxes are a killer in real estate, avoiding having to pay taxes is key in real estate. Now, I don’t mean to commit a crime. I mean to take advantage of tax avoiding strategies such as 1031 Exchanges, seller mortgages and more.

Tip 2. Avoid taxes like the plague, (legally)

I’m a realtor in Lancaster Pa’s Real Estate Market, I eat sleep and breathe real estate. I look forward to speaking with you about any real estate anywhere. For your real estate needs, think Alex Reedy.

Tip 3. If you read this far, you should come visit my site again.

Mold in Home, Lancaster Pa

Do you have mold in your home, do you live in Lancaster Pa? Do you experience breathing problems, and believe it’s due to mold in your home? Lancaster Pa does have certain types of molds in some homes for many reasons. I would recommend Puroclean Property Restortation to remove any and all molds. For remediation tips, read this mold remediation article. Or if you have a water leak of some sort, precautionary steps need to be taken to insure mold(s) will not grow in your home. Mold in your Lancaster Pa home can have effects on your health.

If a mold problem is proving to be too much for you to handle and would like to find out a way to sell it quickly. Sell it quickly to someone who can deal with the Mold in the home, contact me for help.


I’m not a mold expert, I just sell homes. Although, I do have investors that will buy your Lancaster County Pa home even with Mold in the home.

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Online Home Search

For your very own Online Home search check out Online Search page. Whether your a For Sale By Owner, or have your home listed as we speak. If your currently a Home owner or would like to be one, you can find this Online Home Search Page useful.

Lots of Lancaster County Real Estate Listing Sites offer a limited view of what is truly for sale in Lancaster County Pa. My site is one of the few that openly shares all listing information, with anyone interested. In fact if you register, you can confidentially view all listings and track what you’ve viewed. Your information will not be shared with anyone.

After viewing other Online Home Search Sites, you may be left feeling like a bad trip to the dentist. Most sites have you fill out form after form, for ONE listing. That just seems unfair, that’s why I created my site. Online Home Searching for everyone! Stay as long as you’d like!

-Alex Reedy

Lancaster County Pa Real Estate Listings

You’ve probably seen this title plastered all over the web, Lancaster County Pa Real Estate listings here!. The fact is, they’re literally hundreds of websites in Lancaster County Pa to visit and view Lancaster County Pa Real Estate Listings. The truth of the matter is that there are hundreds of Lancaster County Real Estate Websites that only show some of the real picture. My site shows all of the Lancaster County Pa Real Estate Listings, any Lancaster County company/realtor.  Go back to my home page  and click the listings tab. If you register you’ll have access to a comprehensive directory of all Lancaster County Pa Real Estate Listings. Please take advantage of my site for your own research. Feel secure that none of your information will be shared, with anyone. I look forward to speaking with you directly. Until then good luck with your Lancaster County Pa Real Estate Listing.

Alex Reedy, Homes For Sale Lancaster County Pennsylvania

For all the homes for sale in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, contact Alex Reedy. For someone who isn’t quite ready to speak to a real estate agent, visit Alex’s website, Alex Reedy’s Website displays all of the listings for sale in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. For your free no strings attached search of homes in Lancaster Pennsylvania, visit

Landlord Lessons, Vacancy Rate, Lancaster County

I’ve owned properties for several years now, and can share what I’ve learned. In fact, reading what I learned the hard way could save you some money. I’ve had many ups and downs in owning property, but mostly ups. The good definitely out weights the bad. So get out they’re and invest in some property, but first read what’s below.

A key component to establishing what an apartment building could literally cost you per year, is your vacancy rate. How long with the pile of bricks and mortar site vacant this year? How much that pile of bricks and mortar will run you while it does. In my local market, I use about a 5-6% vacancy rate to figure out what I can look forward to eating in carrying cost. The equation is a simple is as follows;

Example: Rent per unit(Gross monthly Rent) x 12 months(Gross annual Income) x .05%(vacancy rate) = vacancy cost / 12 months = monthly vacancy cost.

This can vary area to area, you should speak with a professional who personally owns several and can speak from experience. This past year my vacancy rate was lower than 5%, but when I buy or review the budget, I like to stand on the financial conservative side. Being a landlord is a great way to make money if you have the stomach for it. You will have ups and downs, just financially prepare and you should be fine, good luck!

Don’t let this market paralyze you, now is the time.

Alexander Reedy Lancaster County Pennsylvania Lancaster Pennsylvania Real Estate Site

Investor Niche Lancaster Pa

I focus a lot of my time on the needs of my real estate investors in Lancaster Pennsylvania. There is a lot of talk about how many great deals are out there, foreclosures, repo’s, you’ve heard it all! Let me let you in on something. I have found a lot of great deals this year, in fact most of our offers, end up in competing offer situations on most of the properties on the open market. If you are looking for a property to flip, rent out, or buy and hold consider this before you sign.

I believe we’ll be in this market for several years to come. Yes we’re doing good right now, but in my opinion we all need to bear in mind what could still be around the corner market wise. By all means buy in this market if you’re an investor, just make sure it’s really worth it. Make sure it’s such a good deal that there’s no way you can let it pass you by. If it’s that great, is it worth getting financially stressed or strapped? What I mean is, if your other income streams tank, is this great property going to be a burden or a blessing? Will this new property, carry you to the other side of your tunnel you could have to crawl through or will it be one more thing dragging you backwards?

I know this is negative, but coming from someone who has personally been drug backwards in this market, it’s pretty engraved in my memory. Last year was a tough year for us all, me included. We all got hit between the eyes with the market from you know where and it flat out stunk. Some agents and investors didn’t financially make it to the other side. There is way to much opportunity right now, to mess with an “ok” investment.

I’m not trying to discourage anyone from this market, you can make some great money right now, it’s all about the buy, and man are there great buys right now! Just make sure you realize what you’re committing to before you buy.

Caveat Emptor buyers

Attorney for all legal questions, Jeffrey D Mohler

Builder/contractor for questions on work need for a property, Brookline Builders