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Home didn’t what?

Just a note to say I’m sorry your house didn’t sell. Please don’t be discouraged. I can analyze your home’s saleability and I am happy to report that if marketed correctly, your home can still be quickly sold for a good price.

However, if the sale is not handled expertly at this point, your property may become “stale”, and the price may have to be reduced to “below market” to effect a timely sale. Obviously, this is a situation to be avoided. Give me a call and I’ll explain the proven strategy I use to get “expired” listings quickly sold for top market value.

Please think about this seriously. If you list again, doesn’t it make sense to select an agent who knows how to “refresh” the marketing so that your home has all the appeal of a brand new listing?

Feel free to call me at your earliest convenience!

Alex 717-538-3910

Invest In Real Estate

Investing in real estate is all about due diligence and sound decision making. And you can only make the best decisions when you have the best information available, together with an experienced expert who can help you interpret it if necessary – particularly in a market like this one where there are so many great opportunities.

For years I’ve helped investors make the most informed decisions they can: decisions based on the market, financing, a property’s income potential, location and condition, its real price as distinct from its sale price, which “extras” to negotiate for and more. In addition, I do a lot of the legwork so my investor clients save time, money and energy.

So if this price-reduced market has turned your thoughts towards investing in real estate – whether it’s a single-family dwelling or a multi-unit property – please call or email me. All my work on your behalf won’t cost you anything.



Should I or shouldn’t I invest in Lancaster Real Estate? Think Big

I’ve encountered the question and concern frequently, what will the market do? Well, honest answer is I don’t know. We’ve only got history to go off of and that isn’t exactly lining up with our current industries thoughts and experiences. Due to our current economic pressures, people have also been emotional, stressed and insecure about our financial future.  Can we really measure the next few years real estate values with what we see today?

Why would I take the risk at the moment in our uncertain times and go out on a limb and buy more real estate? Well, historically it has always performed well. Slow and steady is usually the pace, but it has always came back and some years has really jumped ahead. How many times have you heard the story, “I bought this 40 years ago for $2,000.” I’ve heard this phrase with different numbers many times over . I’ve rarely encountered the owner being unhappy due to that certain piece of real estate’s current value after owning it for a number of years.

So if you’re unsure of whether or not to invest your cash on hand into real estate, I would think twice before abandoning the idea, it could prove to be profitable and secure use of your time and money. With proper market research, I can help you invest in investment properties and profit from them.


Expect the unexpected in Real Estate

When buying, selling, owning, or renting Real Estate in Lancaster County Pa or anywhere for that matter. Expect the unexpected in Real Estate, If you’re not, you’re setting yourself up for disaster.  When buying homes that are older, examine and/or test the utilities going from the street to the home. Without digging up everything there is really no way to know what’s really going on under there. If you feel there maybe an issue because the home has, a wet basement, really green patches in the yard, water leaching through a wall or maybe an odor or dampness. Right then and there you should consider getting an specific inspection on the problem area. Although there really is no way to fully know if there’s an issue, you can have certain tests performed to take precaution against potential future expenses.

Sometimes even the best test cannot protect you against the unknown, so sometimes you just have to take the plunge. Just know this, if you have a question or a concern you can always call me if you don’t already have a realtor in Lancaster Pa. Take a look at the pictures below. A property of mine in Lancaster City I recently had to have the sewer line dug up out front due to a leak, I just thought I’d share.

Leaky Sewer Pike needs to come out

Leaky Sewer Pipe needs to come out, Lancaster City, Pa

Dig Lancaster City Pa
Dig Lancaster City Pa


Lancaster Pa Downtowner

If you’re a resident of Lancaster City, I’m interested to hear your story. How you found Lancaster City and why you like Lancaster City. Please send me your Lancaster Pa downtowner stories. I want personal accounts of how great city life is in Lancaster City Pa. I’m a Lancaster Downtowner myself and I personally love city life. I’m working on my story, I just thought I’d post this in the mean time to see if I could stir up some other stories.

Email me @

Relocating Lancaster Pa

Are you thinking of Relocating to Lancaster Pa? Well, you’re in for a great move, those who find themselves relocating to Lancaster Pa are pleasantly surprised with how great of a place Lancaster Pa is to live. With an enduring economy and a surviving and some places thriving homes market, it’s hard not to like. Email me for the latest listings in Lancaster Pa perfect for someone relocating. I look forward to hearing about your story of why you’ll be relocating to Lancaster Pa.

Lancaster Pa Listings

Information Lancaster Pa Schools

If you want the facts about Lancaster Pa Schools, you should give me a call @ 717-538-3910. If you would rather just email me, click the back to home page button in the bottom right and type in your information and send it to me. I would be happy to give you Information on Lancaster Pa Schools.

Target Lancaster Pa For Your Next Home Search

Searching for that next home, target Lancaster Pa for your next home search. Targeting Lancaster Pa for your next home, that’s a wise choice and should be strongly considered. Here in Lancaster Pa we have great schools, great people, wonderful attractions, outlets galore, and plenty of buffets for even the most hungry of visitor. So next time you’re considering a move, think Lancaster County for your home search.

Bruce Springsteen, @ Hershey Park near Lancaster Pa

Bruce Springsteen played @ Hershey Park on 5/15/09. Hershey Park is about a 45 minute drive (if that) to Hershey Park from Lancaster Pa. Just one more thing to do if you lived in Lancaster Pa.

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Lancaster General Hospital, Home in the City Program

I’m sure you’ve heard and know about what Lancaster General is doing with they’re home in the city program,  it’s pretty interesting. If you work at Lancaster General Hospital, contact me and I’ll email you the packet of what you might be entitled to if you buy a home downtown. It could be as much as $10,000, on top of the $8,000 dollar government first time home buyer credit, NOT BAD!! If that amount of money is worth your time:), my email is

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